White Wide Leg Pants

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Hi everyone! How are you all doing? It feels so good to be doing a proper outfit post! It’s probably just because it’s summer but lately I adore the colour white and all of its cousins such as, creams, light greys, and light pinks. This outfit in particular has been one on repeat, it’s actually a little embarrassing how much I wear these pants but LOOK AT THEM!! They’re so versatile and they feel like pajamas, what more could a girl ask for?! Now.. I do realize that white pants aren’t the most practical thing… but if you ask me, that’s what bleach and washing machines are for. 😉

I paired the pants with a simple white crop top that I bought last year. When the pants came in a month ago I was thrilled to see that they were the exact same shade of white and I could wear them as a two piece set. I threw on an oversized linen shirt to add some colour and I usually like to have a cover up with me just in case I get a little chilly (I usually do). I wanted a contrasting finish for the look so I chose all black accessories. I went with flats mostly because in order to wear heels I would have to let the hem down and well.. that’s takes way too much effort (insert embarrassed emoji here). In any case, it’s much easier to run around town in my favourite Steve Madden loafers then it is in heels!

Thanks for reading! See you next time,
Alex ♥

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