Last Min Christmas Gift Ideas

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” It’s the most wonderful time of the year ” ~
…. until you realize it’s a week till Christmas and you still have presents to buy!

As much as I love Christmas and Christmas shopping, I always seem to put off the gift buying until the last-minute. Anyone else? If you have, and you’re stumped as to what to buy, I made a little last-minute gift guide for you. Hope this helps! 

A big chunky sweater is perfect for anyone that loves getting cozy on the couch. Even if it’s not their style out of the house, no one can say no to throwing on a big sweater and watching a movie by the fire. There are so many options available, not to mention affordable options! This one from Zara. 

If you live in a dry climate like Calgary then you can relate to ridiculously dry hands. One of my all-time favourite hand creams is from L’occitane. It does the job of extreme hydration while not being too greasy and all of the scents smell amazing! (My favourite is the original) Or better yet gift them the shea beautiful hands set which comes with hand cream, cuticle oil and 1 min hand scrub. 


We can never have enough cute mittens and toques and I personally love getting a new set at Christmas time. It’s one of the most simple but most used and festive gifts out there. This adorable combo is from Indigo 🙂


The peppermint halo roll stick from Saje is probably one of the best things out there. It helps soothe headaches but is also amazing to help you refresh and relax. Perfect for all your stressed out friends and family! 

Fuzzy socks are amazing. plain and simple. They’re like slippers but so much better! Indigo has amazing options for women, men and kids. You can’t go wrong with giving these to your loved ones, especially since I find not many people like buying them for themselves so finding them under the tree is like a dream come true!


Coasters are a great gift idea. Even if the person your buying them for already has some it never hurts to change them up every once in a while. You can also use them for multiple things, decor in the bathroom, jewellery holders, candle holders etc etc. 


Candles are great for everyone, even if people don’t light them very often, they still look nice and bring a relaxing vibe to your home. This concrete one from Frank and Oak is great for both men and women and makes a great pen, toothbrush, or makeup brush holder when the candle burns out!


Even though it might be a basic gift, no one is going to say no to a monogrammed mug. This one from Pottery Barn is great for the season and I’m sure it will be brought out of the cupboard every December 🙂



Hope this gift guide helps you all finish your Christmas shopping! 


Merry Christmas <3