Comforting Colours and being Grateful

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~ “Winter is for cuddling, smiling and being grateful.” ~

Winter, for me, is definitely one of my favourite seasons. I find that my spirit is always lifted when snowflakes start falling from the sky while I’m cuddling under 100 blankets. Or when I wake up and the sun is shining on a snow-covered city, making everything sparkle.  I also feel like winter is the season to be grateful. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, valentine’s day, and easter, there are so many dinners with loved ones, it’s hard not to be extra grateful for everything in life. And you know what they say… gratitude is the best way to happiness.





There’s something about dark colours when the snow starts falling. We all know that in the warmer seasons I opt for light coloured outfits. Most of the time sticking with white and nudes but as soon as the air gets cool, I automatically reach for the darks in my closet, I find they feel so much more comfy and warm. I found this sweater dress at H&M and picked it up immediately. I love everything about it, to start off with, it’s very warm and not scratchy at all. It’s not super chunky or bulky which makes for easy layering. The hem is curved which I think is quite flattering and finally, the colour is absolutely perfect. Burgundy never goes out of style and is a nice change from black, not to mention it looks good on everyone!





I paired the dress with classic over the knee boots and my new favourite Jacket. All of last year I was on the hunt for the perfect black faux fur coat and sadly couldn’t find anything. This year, shortly after finding the burgundy dress I saw this amazing fur coat staring at me. I didn’t even have to think about it, I instantly took it off the hanger and brought it to the till. It has easily become one of my most worn jackets and will be for years to come.






Thanks for reading!

P.S. Don’t forget to take a min today to appreciate all the people and things that you have to be grateful for. 🙂



Alex <3


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