Christmas Decor Essentials

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” A home should be a reflection of you and what makes you happy” 




Happy December!! Along with fashion styling, I’ve always loved playing around with interior decor. I truly believe that your home should be a reflection your dreams and everything that you love. I recently re-did my bedroom floor and it inspired me to change around a few things. I invested in some new furniture and a few little decor pieces. I also bought some new Christmas items so I thought, what better time to do a festive decor post?!






The colour scheme throughout my apartment, including the Christmas decor is mostly white, black, grey, silver and gold. I kept it very bright and airy which I love and it makes the place look a lot bigger. Speaking of which, I changed the carpet that was previously in my bedroom to a white marble vinyl and I’m literally in love with it. The contrast to the dark hardwood in the living room is so nice and my bedroom looks twice the size.  ( Also we all know how obsessed I am with marble! )





Christmas decor essentials
  • Christmas Tree (Canadian Tire, Home Depot)
  • Frosted branches  (HomeSense)
  • Lots and lots of candles (Homesense, Indigo)
  • Sparkly Reindeer (Homesense)
  • A nutcracker (Homesense)
  • Pine cones (Homesense, Michaels)
  • Fur throw blankets and pillows (Indigo, Simons, Structube)
  • Christmas throw pillows (Homesense, Simons)
  • Christmas pillowcases (Simons)








Thanks for reading!! 
Alex <3


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