A Saskatchewan Experience

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~ “They say that if your dog runs away in Saskatchewan… you can still see him running 4 days later” ~


If you like country music then I’m sure you’ve heard of Country Thunder. A 3-day summer music festival that tours the US and Canada. This year Keith Urban made an appearance at Craven, Saskatchewan and being the fans that we are, Dalton and I decided to leave the stampede and brave the drive from Calgary to Saskatchewan.

Road Trip Outfit

For those of you who have never driven through the prairies, it’s flat and extremely boring… that’s basically all you can say about it. When we did the drive it was about 30 degrees out, so you can imagine why I wanted to wear something light and airy. I paired a cobalt blue slip dress with an oversized cobalt blue blouse (so that my shoulders wouldn’t burn in the car.) Then I finished the look with a pair of simple white sandals. I’m all for comfort but I also like to look semi-fashionable wherever I go and this outfit gave me the best of both worlds. 🙂

The Show

It was my first time seeing Keith Urban in concert and OMG he was amazing! He is probably one of the best performers I have ever seen. Keith’s performance aside, everything else was amazing too; the weather was absolutely perfect, the sunset was one of the prettiest I’ve seen and the people around us were incredibly pleasant. There was no fighting, no pushing or shoving, and everyone was genuinely happy to be there. And a bonus? A beer was only $6.00 and water was free … coming from stampede… let me tell you, that was a pleasant surprise. All in all my first experience at Country Thunder was fantastic and definitely one to remember.

The Hotel

One of the main aspects of Craven Country Thunder is that you’re supposed to camp for three days. However, anyone that knows Dalton and me knows that we aren’t exactly the tent or trailer type… so we booked a hotel. We stayed at Hotel Saskatchewan which is one of Canada’s historic railway hotels and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The minute you step inside you can feel the history, it has a beautiful Royal feel with huge pillars and gorgeous grey, gold, cream and marble accents. The rooms were newly renovated but still had a chronicle feel. If you are ever in Regina I would definitely recommend staying here.

Thanks for reading!